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What Experts Say on – Best 5 Bottom Mount Refrigerators By MohammadAbubakar

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What Experts Say on – Best 5 Bottom Mount Refrigerators By MohammadAbubakar

Mohammad Abubakar

Mohammad Abubakar is a tech-savvy blogger based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He has pursued his bachelor's from the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering. He is an enthusiastic writer and blogger and avidly writes and reviews technology and gadgets. He has worked as a technology journalist and content writer for The Mobile Indian and TechDipper. He currently works as a Linux writer for Fossbytes.

Refrigerators have been a boon to mankind and have become a sine qua non for every kitchen these days. Any household’s existence is impracticable without refrigerators in modern times. At the time, it is imperative that you choose one that is best suited for your kitchen needs, complements your budget, and is a popular product with good amenities. The choices in the market are so many that a layman unacquainted with all the ins and outs of technology is left scratching his head, entirely clueless as to what to buy. Mohammad Abubakar to the rescue! Here is his handpicked list of the 5 best bottom-mounted freezers to help ease your decision-making.


Haier has been an exceedingly popular brand name when you talk about consumer electronics. This refrigerator’s bottom-mounted freezer has a capacity of 73 liters. It has a two-star energy rating and an in-built inverter compressor. Another special feature about this is that it has an anti-bacterial gasket which is designed to keep your food fresh for longer periods. Other notable features are toughened glass shelves, an ice twister for easy ice cube removal, and toughened glass shelves that are durable and won’t cave under the weight of your heavy utensils and containers. It will efficiently cater to the needs of a family size of 3-4 people. With a price of 24990, it is the cheapest option available on this list.


This one is for all the people who still love the good old brand of LG. their products have never disappointed the audience and people keep going back to LG for their home appliance needs. It has a frost-free technology that ensures consistent temperature by the circulation of cooling air and preventing ice build-up in the freezer chamber. It has toughened glass shelves, an anti-bacterial gasket, and an inverter linear compressor. As the name suggests, it has a vast capacity of 310 liters. The product’s dimensions are 595 x 643 x 1737 mm. for an asking price of 28990, this refrigerator is good enough to sustain your daily needs.

Although Midea isn’t a go-to option for people when they have home appliances on their shopping list, their products are truly appealing. This refrigerator with a French door bottom mount freezer and four silver doors has impressive features and technology. The total capacity of the refrigerator is 544 liters and the freezer’s capacity is 165L. It has other nifty features like a child lock, an ice twister tray, and an electronic touch temperature control. The defrosting type is frost-free. The price of this premium-looking refrigerator is a little on the expensive side at 58990 rs. But if you can afford it then this is just what your modern kitchen needs.


Hisense is a Chinese brand that has recently entered the Indian marketplace and introduced its various consumer electronics like TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators. This French door refrigerator has a capacity of 507 liters. The special feature about this is that it has two independent cooling systems meant for the refrigerator and the freezer section each. This helps in maintaining humidity levels. Other appealing features are an inverter compressor, a moist fresh zone for vegetables, and turbo icing technology which allows to quickly lower the temperature in the freezer. So you can have ice cubes ready for a cool drink in an hour or less. With a price of 59990, it is worth every penny that you will spend on it.


Godrej is quite an esteemed name in the Indian markets for its electronics and furniture. This refrigerator lives up to the brand’s reputation. With an intelligent inverter compressor and 6th sense Deepfreeze technology, this refrigerator has a lot going for it. Additionally, it has a honeycomb moisture lock-in technology and a dual-fan system for efficient cooling. It also comes equipped with a touch panel that enables temperature setting without even opening it. What’s more? It is built to be environmentally friendly and has a turbo chill mode too. All the amazing features that come attached to this refrigerator justify the asking price of 48990. Now that you know the top 5 bottom mount refrigerators that Mohammad prefers, look this list up when you have refrigerators on your mind. An expert’s opinion will help you bring home an appliance that is desirable and well-suited to serve your family but also doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet after making the purchase.



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