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What Experts Say on – Sexuality Is Not Autocratic

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What Experts Say on – Sexuality Is Not Autocratic

Dr. Hansa Yogendra

Dr. Hansa Yogendra (born 1947) is an Indian yoga guru, author and researcher, and TV personality. She is the director of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, founded by her father-in-law Shri Yogendra. It is a government-recognized non-profit organization and the oldest organized yoga center in the world, founded in 1918.

Our life begins with a loud cry. A cry that comes from being alive. If it weren’t for that loud wail, life ends there. If everything was a smooth ray of turns the result is death. Rough paths and explorations show the real meaning of life. In life certain things we can choose. Like objects, luxuries, the home we live in, and even friends, but certain things happen without our consent. Like our parents, our gender, our sexuality, or our natural features. They are innate and never a choice. The best part is most of the people who are conservative accept a majority of it but still, the misconception of sexuality being a choice is still a prevailing notion. Homosexuality is a nature’s choice in its own way, says Dr. Hansa when asked if homosexuality means going against the harmony of nature. People consider homosexuality abnormal is either because they are rare or are conditioned. The fictional character of a gay person played in old movies is mostly effeminate leaving us to think that it is the same in the reality, but not. Gay/Lesbians are still the same people, the ideology of judging the character or attitude of a person with their sexuality can determine how uneducated a person is in spite of being literate. People who are in love should find the purpose of the relationship. The purpose of the relationship is to grow together, understand the partner and be supportive. When the purpose of the love is the same for heterosexual or homosexual people, the discrimination is in bold figure out there.

We live in a democratic country of freedom to speech, freedom to live, and freedom to have a choice between work but the freedom to love is forbidden. Yes, unfortunate truth. The right to the private space of a person is maneuvered. The right to choose the life you want to live is being snatched and vehemently the life of a seamed tradition is being imbibed.

Well, how has homosexuality evolved? No one can deny that social bonds among humans are significant. Talking about it, the biological reason finds its way. The hormone progesterone is a steroid hormone. The progesterone hormone in heterosexual women or men is more likely to engage in homosexual behavior. This steroid hormone is found in the ovaries for women and the adrenal gland for men. Oxytocin which we refer to as the love hormone, and progesterone refers to the friend hormone. This hormone is responsible for the caring and friendly behavior that we exhibit. When it comes to sexual intercourse or reproduction, it is more than just what we contemplate. Sexual relationship helps in maintaining social bonds. Animals also engage in homosexual behavior.

The Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community is a non-discriminative community that supports and respects fellow queer people. June month is considered pride month. How one whole month is considered pride month despite the existing taboos. 1969, Stonewall Rebellion. The incident which took place in New York City in the year 1969 led to the evolution of the pride month celebration. The city prohibited the gay community, which led to the self-grown community of gay people who lived under disguise during the day and got along with fellow gay people for parties at night. The police are aware of this happening were still not able to deliberately oppose them for enjoying freedom just like any heterosexual person does. But one night the place was raging and was progressive with the anti-Vietnam war and the civil rights movement became a catalyst to raid and rebel. The police mercilessly started brawling with the people of the gay community. Until then no one ever stood up for their rights, but that night the homosexual people decided to fight for the rights which were snatched from them for years. The decision led to the birth of the rights and the courage of LGBTQ people to stand up for themselves. The only ever outbreak that resulted in an optimistic start of a massive human rights movement.

LGBTQ people hesitate to come out of their closets because of the judgments that are being thrown at them. Suicides and mental illness never stopped growing or never stepped down because of the feeble support for gay rights. But the time to change has come and is being emphasized more and more. Start adapting to the changes because change is the only constant thing.


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