What Experts Say on: Unique LEHENGA collection by Manish Malhotra

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What Experts Say on: Unique LEHENGA collection by Manish Malhotra


Manish Malhotra's remarkable career spanning over 30 years has seen him redefine fashion as a couturier, costume stylist, entrepreneur, and revivalist. Manish began his career as a model, but his enthusiasm for cinema and fashion eventually led him to costume design. Manish Malhotra, a passionate Bollywood film aficionado, contributed inimitable aesthetics to costume design and styling for the country's prominent performers and style icons. Manish Malhotra, the founder of the namesake label, is known in the business for his trailblazing makeovers for stars on the silver screen and offering them an individual style story in their personal life, all while walking beside them on their journey to stardom. Manish Malhotra, the first fashion influencer and bold fashion maker, has expanded his impact beyond fashion to carve his position as an Indian luxury designer.

Unique LEHENGA collection by Manish Malhotra –


Manish Malhotra Lehengas are a perfect mix of modern and contemporary designs. No one can make lehengas what Manish Malhotra does. His signature style is that He makes tiny cholis and sexy plunging necklines look tasteful. He treads the path not taken by opting for colors other than the traditional red for his bridal lehengas. Cost starts from INR 2.5 Lakhs and can go up to INR 10 Lakhs for bridal lehengas by Manish Malhotra. And it is worth it if you once wear it. Here we are going to showcase to you some of his best designs for lehenga.

  1. Brown Velvet Lehenga
 Bridal collection comes up with different colors and unique patterns. Dark brown velvet lehenga flaunts its silver embroidery done all around it. Beautifully paired with the plain velvet deep V-necK. Loose puffed sleeves truly give the empress a look.

  1. Black Lehenga
When Manish Malhotra introduces the old fabric, embroidery, or a style in his modern touch, it becomes a trend. Katrina Kaif wore this phenomenal black lehenga comes in velvet fabric with an adorable golden Zari and Zardosi work. Also enhances the beauty with the V-neck, loose puffed sleeves. The blouse attaches the same fabric ruffle dupatta which gives it’s a trendy look.

  1. Shimmery Blue Lehenga
Introduces light shimmery fabric in dark blue color. In spite of the simple wide ‘Kalis’ in lehenga, it gives a fairy look. This design is adorned with the golden handworked blouse in the base of the same blue color. The special attraction is the deep ‘queen Anne’ look neck and the ¾ sleeves with ruffles in the hem of the sleeve. This awe-inspiring outfit will perfectly fit your special occasion.

  • Olive Green Net Lehenga
  Nowadays Net fabric with new creations is highly trending this wedding season. Here Manish Malhotra did such a creation. These kinds of changes put them into the ‘never go out of fashion’ category. Chic Lehenga comes in a White embroidered net. The same embroidery details on the rectangle slanted, High neck poncho worn on olive green colored, Sleeveless silk blouse. The embroidery of this lehenga gives the royal look. It’s really a nice combination of embroidered net and olive green inner skirt.

  1. Light Gray Lehenga
The new 3d concept embroidery over all the lehenga. In embroidery, there are fabric flowers, zardosi, Crystal, and beads on the net. Beautifully paired with the ruffled sleeves and embroidered blouse. I think every woman wants to look stunning in this attire.

  1. Peach Lehenga
Are you getting bored seeing red and pink lehengas for the wedding? Here’s the best alternative to wearing a pastel lehenga. The peach lehenga adds charm to the beauty. Net flared lehenga is fully covered with the Zari, Thread, and Sequence work. Also, the panel of zari and sequence looks nice to the flare. Shorter choli(As it’s Manish Malhotra’s specialty) adorns with the same work. It comes with the net dupatta with a pretty sequence and zari border also having the cutdana and beads fringe on the edge. Whether it’s a ceremony at dawn or dusk, a bride wearing hues of blush will bring a touch of whimsy to the fairy tale wedding.

  1. Red Wedding Lehenga
If you’re one of those who want to up their glamour quotient in beautiful bridal wear with elegant silhouettes and ethnicity, Then go with Red or Maroon lehenga looks gorgeous because of its intricate embroidery. Lehenga intricate with the Zari, Zardosi, Thread work in a beautiful historical way. The blouse is having the same work in the checker pattern in front and back. Dupatta is of net fabric and decorated with floral pattern handwork gives a Royal look.

  1. Black Lehenga
Black Lehenga by Manish Malhotra looks breathtaking with its intricate silver embroidery and the edge is made up of satin pleats in black color. On the other hand, The prominent feature is the one-sided layered ruffle sleeve blouse. And If someone wants an ethnic look with some modern features then surely go for this.

  1. Pink Lehenga with a Gray Blouse
For the brides to be or bridesmaid, It is an opportunity to flaunt the wedding and get the most attention by wearing pink silk Anarkali lehenga. Also Paired with the net blouse of quarter sleeves. Also overloaded by the Stone, Pearl and Beads work also there is the feather fringe over the armhole.

  1. Wine red glamorous lehenga
Glam it out by styling yourself with this pretty lehenga. And If you are looking for something out of the box then the eye-catching lehenga is just what you need. Also, the wine-colored lehenga is in full flare. Not only but also Pairing with the flawless blouse and there is detailing with Metal, Zari, and Zardosi work. Similarly, The attached dupatta style with blouse has totally made us fall in love.

Manish Malhotra is the name who makes the twist on traditional lehengas is more modern. Almost every celebrity flaunted wearing his collections. Hence, Manish’s modern creations on the traditional lehengas make the new generation feel so classy and glamorous as well.

What Experts Say on: Manish Malhotra GROOM COLLECTION

The brides are always ready to go for Manish Malhotra Label for their wedding outfit. Similarly, the men also seem to be more considerate about their wedding outfit, as men are also about to be tied in the bond of marriage. His wedding sherwani is always preferred by the men for their precious day. Here we have brought the best and trending Manish Malhotra’s groom collection for the men who like to follow the recent fashion buzz.

  1. The maroon sherwani with heavy golden embroidery work gives an opulent and rich look to the outfit.

  1. A blue velvet coat along with great Zari work with a black shirt and pant for winter season weddings.  

  1. A black coloured velvet suit with some shimmery work on the collars of the coat.             

  1. A black and white sherwani with block printing.             

  1. A Phulkari collection outfit, a contrasting multi-coloured shawl.

  1. The cream sherwani with different lower and a contrasting maroon and cream coloured shawl.

  1. A floral zari worked coat in a men suit with a bow.

  1. A Manish Malhotra special work, with parallel loose fit pant and long kurta. An open traditional jacket compliment the look.

  1. An indo-western outfit trending these days. a blue suit with Indian sherwani touch along with minimal work on it.

  1. Another indo-western look with white coloured short kurta and blue coloured jacket.

  1. A traditional look in yellow silk kurta with a white Nehru jacket.

  1. Outfit from Phulkari collection, a long shawl and turban.

What Experts Say on: Best Manish Malhotra SEQUIN SAREE

Now and then, we keep seeing silhouettes which are breathtakingly beautiful but what remains constant is a good old sequin saree. No matter what function, time or season a saree never goes out of fashion especially a sequin one. And, while we are talking about sequin sarees, we have to talk about designer Manish Malhotra for he was the one who revolutionised the sequin saree. From Bollywood divas to stunning brides, we have seen his sequin sarees on tons of women and that’s exactly why we decided to put your focus on them too. So, if you are soon to tie the knot then you have to get the latest Manish Malhotra sequin saree in the colour of your liking.

  1. Midnight Blue Sequin Saree

Midnight blue is a beautiful colour which can very easily be picked for any of your night wedding functions. Put this colour in a saree and you’ve got a beautiful outfit sorted. And that’s not it; put sequins on it and there comes a dreamy outfit. That’s why we say that Manish Malhotra’s sarees are divine because he’s put these three combinations together and created something beautiful. Ladies, even the celebrities couldn’t resist this creation of his! 

  1. Oxblood Red Sequin Saree

Another dark hue, Manish Malhotra has a beautiful oxblood coloured sequin saree which has our hearts. It is the perfect colour to opt for your wedding functions as it will give that traditional element. And, the saree is such a hot silhouette that you literally get the best of both worlds. Oh, and If you wanna do something different with your saree, we suggest you can even go with a contrasting coloured blouse.

  1. Silver Sequin Saree

A colour like silver is associated with everything glamorous and for all the right reasons. Silver sparkles like no other colour and if you see the silver sequin saree by Manish Malhotra, you’re gonna fall in love dear to-be-brides. Glamorous, sexy and so chic, this saree is made for all you millennials brides. Heck, even influencers and Bollywood fashionistas cannot get over MM’s silver sequin saree! 

  1. Rosy Coloured Sequin Sarees

Colours like pink and lavender come out so well in traditional wear especially if you talk about having them on sarees. Now, imagine having these colours on sequin sarees. Isn’t that a beautiful sight for the eyes? It absolutely is and now you can actually make this a reality for yourself by going with Manish Malhotra’s rosy coloured sequin sarees. These are perfect for any day function or even for an intimate function where only your nearest and dearest ones are invited.

  1. Ivory White Sequin Saree

Ladies, it is time to break the monotony and opt for a colour like white which isn’t usually associated with weddings. However, one look at Manish Malhotra’s ivory or white sequin sarees and you’re gonna only want this colour saree for your wedding functions. It’s unconventional, glamorous and absolutely ravishing. Also, as it’s from MM’s new collection, not a lot of people have got a hold of it so you also get to stand out!  

  1. Off-Beat Coloured Sequin Sarees

If you are done with the same old standard colours then don’t worry because Manish Malhotra has also got some off-beat and quirky colours available in the sequin saree collection. These colours are perfect for every single woman and will also look great on both day and night wedding functions, ladies! 

Manish Malhotra SUITS for Men

If you’re also wondering whether Manish Malhotra suits are the right outfit to wear, then stop wondering and start scrolling! We’ve got a fantastic collection that you can explore and we bet that by the end of this article, you’ll have made up your mind about this designer!

  1. Suit with a heavily embellished jacket!

Set on a neutral base of a white shirt, this suit’s jacket is heavily embellished with silver, grey, and taupe sequins to create a pattern of flowers all over the garment. The jet black lapels, cuffs, and borders of the jacket pull the sequins into focus even more, while giving the eye a structure to follow. Paired with well-fitted pants, this is the perfect type of Manish Malhotra suits for your Sangeet!

  1. Suit with shimmery sleeves!

Does the idea of a fully sequined jacket seem a bit much? Don’t worry because you’ll also find a range of Manish Malhotra suits that have lighter sequin work on the sleeves and lapels! The rest of the ensemble is jet black, making this a statement look that you’ve got to add in your wedding collection for groom!

  1. Suit with light floral patterns!

Here’s the opposite of everything you’ve seen so far. The subtle black jacket has light embroidery work that creates a pattern of flowers all over. Paired with a black shirt and trousers, such Manish Malhotra suits can be a great look for both, grooms and guests!

  1. White jacket with suit!

White is one of the best colours to pick if you want to make a statement! White jacket with a matching all-white shirt is paired with black pants and has a really elegant look. Guests looking for something to wear to their best friend’s wedding should pick such Manish Malhotra suits.

  1. White jacket with black lapels!

Another way to rock a white jacket is by picking one that has black lapels. This gives the garment a really structured look, which is heightened when you pair it with plain black trousers. These Manish Malhotra suits are also ideal for friends to wear to weddings!

  1. This suit with a long jacket!

Off to a winter wedding? Pick from a range of Manish Malhotra suits that come with long, overcoat-style jackets that reach your ankles. Not only will such garments keep you warm, but they’ll also make you look immensely dapper. There’s just something really cool about these jackets! This look is ideal for both, Sangeet ceremonies as well as the wedding itself (for guests).

  1. Maroon suit with polka dotted shirt!

So far, we’ve been looking at Manish Malhotra suits that come with plainer shirts so that all the attention is on the jacket. Here’s the opposite of that! With a blue and white polka dotted formal shirt, this maroon suit has a muted jacket and trousers that let the shirt be the hero of the look. The gold buttons are a great detail!

  1. Muted black and blue suit!

With a heavy peacock embroidery on the chest and sleeves, the rest of this muted suit is black. We do see pops of blue on the lapels, as well as in areas where the peacock has been created. This is a great way to have a statement style that’s subtle. Wear this to formal events and you’ll end up impressing everyone you know!

  1. Taupe grey and black suit!

As one of the show stopper outfits, this suit is certainly different from all the other styles. It does not rely heavily on embroidery, sequins, or even loud colours. But still, it stands out beautifully! The taupe grey colour is a wonderful choice for the jacket and looks great paired with black trousers and a shirt. This is one of the Manish Malhotra suits you should add to your collection as you can also wear this for formal business events!


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