WhatExpertsSay is dedicated to providing facts, opinions, advice, and information across various categories through authentic experts from their field of expertise. 

                                                                              OUR FOCUS

Our mission is to provide authentic information from an authentic source who is an expert in a particular field. Our focus will be on finding authentic sources for any kind of information, connecting with different experts, and partnering with experts for their expertise in their respective fields. We would always strive to provide true, authentic, and first-hand information, opinion, and advice.

Fake News

Information in any field which is inaccurate, or misleading, is called false information or misinformation. False information can be fabricated to create a fake news as evident from many messages being forwarded across many social media platforms in India. To avoid fake news we must check whether the source of this information is authentic or not. 

Expert Advice & Opinion

An expert is considered to be a reliable source for his advice because of his expertise, knowledge, technique, skill, education, and experience in a particular field. As the experts are well-versed with the subject, their opinion has a great value and certainty. An expert’s opinion benefits in bringing valuable insights and knowing answers to exactly what someone needs to know which are precise and more valuable. 


An expert is someone who has gained a great deal of knowledge, technique and skill in a particular area of a particular field through education, practice, experience and have spent a lot of years in the field. 

Age Of Information

In today’s times, the internet has become a major source for any kind of information. There are many individuals giving information on the internet. But it is difficult to check the authenticity of the information as well as the credibility of the source. 

Wrong Advice

People search for facts, opinions & advice on the internet, which is a major source of any information in the 21st Century. People tend to write blogs, articles, create videos, provide courses, who are not experienced experts from that field, making the advice questionable. Any questionable advice when applied in real life can prove to be either useless or detrimental. To avoid wrong advice, authenticity of the information source must be present.

Field Expertise

Expertise in any particular field is created with education, field experience and focus in a particular specific domain of field. Passion, Education and years of experience makes any person develop their expertise making them an expert. An expert who has spent years working on their field expertise, is the most credible and trustworthy source for any information.

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