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What Experts Say on – ‘Alexa, what did the expert say about Home Appliances?’

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What Experts Say on – ‘Alexa, what did the expert say about Home Appliances?’

Rajeev Karwal

Rajeev Karwal (11 April 1963 – 12 May 2021) was an Indian businessman. He was credited with bringing LG Corp to India in 1997. Karwal also served as the CEO of Electrolux Kelvinator and also of Reliance Retail. He is the founder and CEO of Milagrow, is an Indian technology and consulting firm, based in Gurgaon, India. He found the company in the year 2007, 14 years ago.

Recent research has proved that human beings are more likely to take up a job and finish it if it involves very little labor work or less strenuous work. The fact this notion has taken over millions and millions of years of labor through machines is appreciable. Though it did cost us a dime, the outcome of what we have got is precious and priceless. This not just talks about the information technology or businesses being benefited, but our everyday crisis is also resolved. Home appliances can be a great example. Our everyday life has become easier with the new technologies which have been skyrocketing every single day. Though the way Mr. Rajeev Karwal’s opinions might vary. He says, ‘The quest of robots to be humans’. His opinion reels off the common notion, still no one can argue the fact that robots are not part of everyday life. When Mr. Rajeev Karwal started off his corporate life in the year 1994, he was an enthusiast who has led to his successful career as a businessman and CEO of many reputed and highly dignified firms.

The statistics and demographics are facts and facts cannot change. Over the years, the usage of home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, microwaves, gas, and induction has been purely revolutionary. As many aspiring leaders and businesswomen and doctors and surgeons are women, though by the stereotypical lifestyle women carry an additional responsibility of being able to take good care of the family and home, home appliances have been a huge life-changing aspect. The time spent on households has been relatively reduced, costing time to spend on things that contributed to growth as an individual and society. These home appliances are the shift inconvenience. The first home appliance, the electric clothes iron in the year 1903 is the initial boost that ignited the wildfire of home appliance invention. In the late 1920s, the refrigerator caught the attention of people which later led to the advancement of the freezer. The chronological order is similar to any appliance that we have in hand right now. Necessity is the mother of inventions. As people became more reliant on these appliances, the obligatory factor to find innovations and creative ways to manipulate people became the bigger fish to fry. Since it has become a necessity more than a negotiation, the competition to this has transcended immensely leaving a hard time for organizations and companies, and consumers, happy as larry. To lead a competent role in the highly competitive world, Mr. Karwal says, ‘Own it completely and have a logical conclusion like a true professional so that you never have a reverse in life’.

While the world is highly revolutionized with opportunities, innovations, designs, comfort, the technology it is necessary to go in line with it. It is also considered a global victory considering its global shipment. This multi-billion business has influenced uncountable radical people. Over the years the usage of home appliances is immense. In the years 2014 to 2019, the money spent on home appliances by consumers or users has grown prominently from 40 US billion dollars to 103 US billion dollars. And it is estimated that by the year 2023 the revenue will strike up to 154 US billion dollars according to the source Statista. This unwavering steady growth is due to the reason how essential these pieces of stuff have become. Rollouts are on market every other week and month

New appliances like an automatic with timer, automatic soap dispenser, instant WIFI pot, smart WIFI air fryer, and many other rollouts are saving us time which cannot be argued. The world we live in is fast and aiding the human race. If invested wisely, Amazon’s Alexa can battle alongside you to win the subjective war everyone is battling. Post World War II, when everything was hapless barren land of dirt and filth, innovations and technology is the reason for all the revolutions that happened across. On that note, Mr. Karwal says, ‘Robots can live up to the expectations, but humans surpass the expectations!’.


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